Bushfires are an all-too familiar part of rural life in Australia. Here are some of the South Australian
victims of fire that I stumbled across from 2019 to 2021.

While driving through the rural areas of South Australia it's not unusual to come across abandoned or ruined cottages and houses. Occasionally the remains of an entire farm can be found. Here are three that I stumbled upon in 2020 and 2021.

Four days based in Melorse, South Australia in the shade of Mount Remarkable hunting for
abandoned/ruined places and old churches.
Photographed in October 2021

Photographed on 11 September 2021 while staying In Robe, South Australia. The now abandoned Monbulla School operated between 1894 and 1994.

Photographed on 4 July 2021, this former factory is privately owned and for sale

A trip to the Eyre Peninsula, South in Winter 2021 based at Elliston.on the west coast.

A short trip to this historic mining town in the mid-north of South Australia
March 2020

The Cudlee Creek Fires began on 20 December 2019 in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. These are my impressions of the aftermath from 24 January 2020, four days after the area was declared "safe".

Art Gallery of South Australia featuring Tarnanthi Exhibition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Contemporary Art

Found in the side streets and alleyways of Adelaide and Port Adelaide

Museum, Art Gallery and Restaurant in Victoria, Australia

Added 8 December 2019
Updated 6 March 2022